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Showcasing natural refrigerants: ATMOsphere Europe selects first hydrocarbon-based case studies

Technology March 14, 2016

Source: http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/

ATMOsphere Europe will include the following hydrocarbon-based case studies at the conference:

Colruyt Group store cooling with propane compact chillers, Collin Bootsveld and Julien Meert, Colruyt Group

Low energy consumption in a R290 bottle cooler with variable speed compressor, Vicente Guilabert, Cubigel Compressors

Use of innovative heat exchangers for natural fluid heat pumps – Project NxtHPG, Stefano Filippini and Umberto Merlo, LU-VE Group

A heat pump for space applications, Henk Jan van Gerner, NLR

Development of climate friendlier truck refrigeration systems with R290, Presenter tbc, Proklima

Johnson Controls designs and develops biggest -80°C coldstore in Europe, Alexander Pachai, Johnson Controls Industries

High efficiency CO2 transcritical systems for all formats in warm climates, Diego Malimpensa, CAREL Industries

A centrifugal compressor cooling system using water as working fluid, Jürgen Süß, Efficient Energy

Experience with CO2 refrigeration systems for southern climates, Jonas Schönenberger, Frigo Consulting

Natural 4 Neutral in Convenience, Paul Arrowsmith, Sainsbury’s

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